Round 3: 3 players remain on 100 % score

After 3 rounds only 3 players have 3 points: Edvin Trost (SWE 1843) in group E,  Jens E Ingebretsen (NOR 1988) in group D and FM Toivo Keinanen (FIN 2317) in group C.

Edvin Trost seemed to out-prepare his opponent, Torbjørn Valvåg (NOR 1522)  and won as black againts the only other player in the group with full score. Trost now leads the group, one full point ahead of a quartet on 2 points.

In Group D Jens E. Ingebretsen looked to be in trouble from the opening in a french denfense. He managed however to win a pawn, and in the ensuing endgame manged a squeeze out a win, once again.

FM Toivo Keinanen won one of the longest games of the round, when he won a drawn queen vs h-pawn endgame.

In the team competition, Norway is a full point in front of Iceland and Denmark, with Sweden trailing another point behind.

1. Norway, 17, 5 points
2. Iceland & Denmark, 16,5 points
4. Sweden, 15,5 points
5. Finland, 15 points
6. Faroe Islands, 9 points

Read on for games and photos.

Round 4 starts Saturday February 18th at 15:00

Round 3, Saturday 18th February:

Valvåg – Trost

Keso – Ingebretsen

Keinanen – Cordoba