Round 4: All set for a dramatic finish!

In group B three players shares the lead, in group D four players shares the lead. We’re in for an exiting last day in the Nordic Championship!

Viktor Nilsen (DEN / A)

Group A: While most duels of players from the same country has ended in a peaceful draw, this was not the case when the danes FM Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen and Viktor Nielsen met in the fourth round. What started out slow, ended as pure fireworks with both queens deep into enemy territory. Thus Viktor Nielsen is in the sole lead going in to the last day. But he’s only 0,5 points ahead of no. 2, FM Oliver Johannesson (ISL).
Play through the game here.

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Ellen Fredericia Nilssen (DEN / B)

Group B: In one of the closest groups, where 6 players are within 0,5 points of each other, noting is decided until the last piece is moved. Valo Hallmann (FIN), Sophus Mechlenburg Moller (DEN) and FM Johannes Haug (NOR) are without loss and on 3 points. Trailed by FM Sondre Merkesvik (NOR), WCM Anastasia Nazarova (FIN) and Ellen Fredericia Nilssen (DEN). It seems set that either Finland, Denmark or Norway will win the title in this group. However on 7th and 8th are both the Icelandic players, so don’t count them out of the running!

Andreas G Tryggestad (NOR / C)

Group C: Being one of the favorites in the group, newly appointed FM (actually, he got the title this friday!) Andres G. Tryggestad (NOR) played against the finnish FM Toivo Keinanen (FIN) in the fourth round. He ended the game beautifully, seemingly sacrificing the exchange, but actually just exchanging down to a won endgame a pawn up. With the win he’s going into the last day 0,5 point ahead of Keinanen and Gabriel Nguyen (SWE). Tryggestad and Nguyen plays in round 5, so expect both parties playing for a win!
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Jens E. Ingebretsen (NOR / D)

Group D: The rating favorite of the group (though, can you call anyone a rating favorite in a group of so many talented youngsters?), Jens E. Ingebretsen had to give up in a game that started as a sicilian, but transposed into a good version of french for his opponent, Osker Vikingur Davidsson (ICE). With castling to oposite sides, the icelander drew the longest straw in the attack, and could net a win, bringing him up to a shared first place. Also on 3 points are Robert Luu (ICE) and Nienke van den Brink (DEN). Tomorrow van den Brink plays Ingebretsen and Davidsson plays Luu in two games to watch!
Play through the game here.

Edvin Trost (SWE / E)

Group E: There is only one player left in the entire tournament with 100 % score. That is Edvin Trost (SWE), who won on a tactical knock out against the norwegian Shazil Shehzad. That leaves Trost the only player in a comfortable lead, a whopping 1,5 points ahead of the next competitor – of which there are four: Hugo Wernberg (SWE), Torbjørn Valvåg (NOR), Marius Boss Sorensen (DEN) and Volter Aapola (FIN).
Play through the game here.

In the nations cup, Denmark has overthrown Norway in the 4th round, and leads a total of 2 points ahead of Iceland and Norway!
1. Denmark, 23,5 points
2. Iceland & Norway, 21,5 points
4. Finland, 21 points
5. Sweden, 20, 5 points
6. Faroe Islands, 12 points

Some trivia for the team competition: there has only been one game between finnish players, which happened in the first round, while the icelandic players have all met eachother as of round 5!

Round 5 starts Sunday February 19th at 09:00
Rember check out at 12:00!

Round 4, saturday 18th february: