Tournament Rules

Chief Arbiter
The Chief Arbiter is IA Henrik Sjøl, the National Tournament Director in Norway.

The tournament is played according to the regulations for the Nordic Championship. Five groups:
A.  Born 1997 or later
B.  Born 2000 or later
C.  Born 2002 or later
D.  Born 2004 or later
E.  Born 2006 or later

Playing system:
All groups will play six rounds in the FIDE Swiss Dutch system.

Tie Breaks
The ties are broken by the following rules:
1. Bucholz, cut 1
2. Bucholz
3. Sonnenborn-Berger
4. Mutual score
If the result is still tie, the place is shared. If there is a prize for the place, there will be a drawing of lots for the prize.

Drawing of colors
Drawing of colors will be done during the opening ceremony.

Time Control
The time control is 90 min. per game with additional 30 seconds per move starting from the first move.

Default Time
The Default Time for the tournament is 60 minutes. Which means that any player who arrives at the chessboard after the default time shall lose the game

Cellphones/IT devices
Cellphones and other IT devices such as laptops, smart watches and smart glasses are forbidden in the playing area. This applies to everyone in the playing area, also heads of delegation, trainers and spectators.

Any player found to have such item in the playing area will have the game in progress forfeited.